Often, I hear complaints from friends and clients – ‘Why should I hire a Realtor?  All they do is sign a document, then disappear!’

This is a fair question and frankly, I’m embarrassed that some people that “claim” to be professional Realtors or Real Estate Agents leave friends and clients feeling like this.  This is detrimental to the client and to the profession!

Let’s face it, no one size fits all.  Different clients and different price points have different needs and expect different levels of service.  Because of this, my company, RealtyConceptsTexas and I have a different approach to meet the needs of clients and prospects.  As we say on our postcards, we offer an “Exceptional Real Estate Experience.”  This means we tailor the listing to meet your needs.   We let you select the experience you prefer.

When you list with RealtyConceptsTexas, you choose the level of service you prefer:

  1. Traditional listing – do not let the term “Traditional” fool you!  In my traditional listing, I DO NOT simply show up for a listing and disappear!  What I call a traditional listing includes the following – and much of this occurs PRIOR to the sale of your property.  I am so confident I can sell your property, I invest my money in your property before the sale!
    1. Pre-sales Home Inspection:  Neither you nor I want to be surprised by issues with the foundation, HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning), or any other “mechanical” aspect of your property or a disparity in the number of square feet compared to the tax record. 
    2. Pre-sales staging meeting:  If you have moved out of the home, it often adds to the ambience of the property to have the home “staged”.  This means a professional will visit your property and determine how best to present your property so potential buyers will “visualize” the charm and potential of your home.  And even if you are still occupying your home, often a professional stager can give you guidance on how to display your property to yield “top dollar” for your home.
    3. A Professional photographer to insure your home is displayed in the best possible light.  These photographs will be the first view both Selling Agents and their clients will see of your home.
    4. Custom brochures displaying your property using the professional photographs as appropriate.
    5. Open House(s): Everyone recognizes there remains a shortage of Real Estate inventory.  Because of this, many properties are selling quickly, perhaps at or even before the first open house.  But this does not happen in all cases and I commit I will always share open communication and the value of my decades of experience to insure your property sells both quickly and at or above market price.
    6. Active buyer search.  I will actively work to find buyers that fit the profile for your transaction.
  2. Consulting Level – You get to participate at the level you choose.  It is a cafeteria plan to where you only pay for what you need.

  3. Fixed rate Level – gives you two options of bundled services in which to choose.   This plan is great for someone who feels they can do the heavy lifting. Not only do you get a choice of what services you will get, you will be put in the driver’s seat and decide what will work for your unique situation. 

Finally, we have our MOVE UP PROGRAM.   This is by far the most innovative and beneficial to the seller.   This opportunity allows you to sell your current home and purchase another home.  Utilizing the MOVE UP PROGRAM, we can literally save you thousands.   We are only offering this program for limited time.   Please do not miss out.   Call me today (469-556-1583) and let’s get started!