Goodness!  As difficult as it is for some of us to believe it, we are “half-past” May.  The last day of school for Richardson ISD is June 1.  So, if you are a citizen of Richardson or have kids or grandkids in RISD, it’s time to think about activities to keep them active, engaged and occupied in a positive fashion during the summer months.  Let’s look at some of the many different alternatives – some being for “kids” of all ages!

Did you know Richardson Independent School District offers nearly two dozen different summer camps?  There are camps on softball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, football, strength and conditioning.  Many of the camps span age groups from kindergarten up!  And most of the camps are for both girls and boys, so everyone can participate, learn, grow, and enjoy.  You can access a complete list of the programs from the RISD homepage at: using the “Summer Camps” button on the right-hand side of the page, or you can access them directly here or at:

Beyond all the recreational camps offered in RISD, there are several “summer school” programs available for students.  You can view all of the available programs here, or at:  There are Junior High (or middle school, if you prefer) classes for Reading, Math, ESL Reading, and ESL Math here.  In addition, there are, at the secondary or high school level, “accelerated” programs, opportunities to “recover” credits and opportunities for students that struggled with “EOC” – end of course exams.  There are too many courses to name here so follow this link and open the appropriate PDF file.  You can also call 469-593-0365 to speak to an RISD representative about summer school.

There are also several options to take the health class that is required of all RISD students.  You can find the options to complete that course here or at:  I hope you realize how fortunate you are to have your kids or grandkids in RISD.  It is a great school system and we are fortunate to have such a well run and well managed school district.

What about alternatives to RISD?  My goodness, you are in luck!  The real challenge you will face is narrowing down the alternatives.  If you have young people interested in working with computers there are several alternatives starting soon (some may have already begun) and continuing throughout the summer months.  How many activities, you ask?  Hmmm . . . would you believe 56 pages worth?  And in all honesty, it’s not “just” computing.  There are multiple courses on “Adaptive Fencing”, “Adaptive Dance Class”, “Under the Sea” art camp, and tons of others.  Some of these are restrictive on ages – “at least 3 but less than 5” – others are a bit more open – “at least 13 but less than 80”.  You can see all the choices and locations for yourself here or at:

If you are interested in activities aquatic, Richardson operates five (count them, 5!) aquatic facilities throughout the summer season.  You can find information on these public pools here or at:  The referenced page also includes information on aquatic events, swim lessons, and fun things like the “dive-in movies”.  All city pools open June 2, that’s “Splash Day” and admission is free!

Richardson also has a number of summer camps and information on those can be found here or at:  There are camps for different age groups – Kinder, Elementary, Playground and Teen camps.  All camps run from June 11 – August 3, with one exception “Playground Camp” which has an extended week from August 6 through August 10.

Beyond all the recreational and school opportunities this summer, there is also the “Mayor’s Summer Intern Program” which may be the coolest offering of all.  This program is a collaboration between the City of Richardson, RISD, and the Chamber of Commerce.  This program is targeted to enable up to 50 incoming high school seniors to receive 8 weeks of paid employment through the summer at a local company or non-profit.  Find out more about this program here or at:

So, there you have it.  Our wonderful City of Richardson offers many, many alternative activities for all the diverse citizens that call Richardson home.  So many summer opportunities, so little time!

Until next time . . .